Currenex NOW

Currenex NOW delivers a premium market data solution. It represents an independent and unbiased view of the most widely available prices, orders and trading activity across all of the various liquidity pools on Currenex.

It provides a real-time, tick-by-tick, streaming, order book data feed offering real precision, trade updates (paid/given) with bucketed size, a Currenex Weighted Average Mid Rate (WAMR) mid-rate, coupled with insight into order book density surrounding WAMR.

Currenex NOW is now available in 50 pairs and the Depth of Book component is now available for up to 20 levels (increased from 10 levels). Historical Currenex NOW data (CACHE NOW) is available on a monthly basis as far back as July 2017.

Currenex VIEW

Currenex VIEW is a top of book only (Best Bid/Best Offer) indicative data feed, delivered at a 500ms time interval (2 updates/second) designed for third party distributors and consumers of Spot FX prices. The price data does not include any information regarding the volume/size.

Historical Currenex VIEW data (CACHE VIEW) is available for a wide range of currency pairs and can be provided as far back as January 2011.

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