Executable Streaming Prices (ESP)

Executable Streaming Prices are available for FX Spot and Precious Metals Spot via our ESP execution functionality. Key benefits of this execution method include:

  • A real marketplace with hundreds of market participants and diverse liquidity sources
  • Ability for participants to be passive or aggressive, earn spread or pay spread, which facilitates continuous markets and price discovery
  • Precision pricing in each currency pair
  • Ability to aggregate and configure multiple liquidity streams based on preferences and relationships, to create private liquidity pools that are unique to each client’s trading needs and style
  • Wide range of order types e.g simple, complex or algorithmic, to empower clients to customise how they express risk

Request for Stream/Request for Quote (RFS/RFQ)

The key benefits of this method of execution include:

  • No limit on the number of banks or liquidity providers for each price request
  • No minimum amount required to trade; odd lots and broken dates permitted
  • A real-time comparison between the best price and all other prices
  • Capturing all price quotes at time of execution allows for analysis of price providers
  • Trade history to facilitate your transaction cost analysis (TCA) and audit trail
  • STP, workflow solutions and trade history complete the offering