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Currenex wins FXWeek’s Best White Label Award, 2014

FX white-label vendor Currenex takes the prize as its expanded liquidity service pushes ahead of competitors…


David Newns, Head of Currenex, discusses the FX market environment

I like the analogy a hedge fund manager used recently, namely that central banks have created a 'Truman Show Market', effectively a parallel universe that doesn't reflect market fundamentals accurately and has led to significant dampening of volatility…


James Colinders, Sales Head for Currenex’s White Label offering, discusses White Label strategies

The core requirements of any white label solution are aggregation, liquidity and margin risk management and the granularity with which the broker can control these key elements, says James Colinders…


Hu Liang, Head of State Street Global Exchange Asia-Pacific, covers Crowd-Sourcing during his TED Talk

Making the case for collective intelligence, Hu Liang offers a case study of an investment program that incorporates social media crowd sourcing and produced dramatically improved performance over typical trading systems…