ClientsActive Traders

For active traders, Currenex offers sophisticated technological, operational, and reporting solutions designed to help allow them to focus on their trading strategies in the knowledge that the technology, operational and reporting challenges that underpin this execution are being met to the highest specifications.

Active Traders can access liquidity on Currenex through our prime broker model, used by a variety of prime brokers at various banks and a number of prime institutions. Our Currenex solution provides:

  • Two methods of execution— streaming and RFQ/RFS— that support anonymous and disclosed trading and can be co-mingled into one graphical user interface (GUI) or application programming interface (API).
  • The ability to access anonymous, single-ticket liquidity through Currenex Big. It delivers ladders of streams of liquidity in increments between 3 and 50 million notional amounts, across major currency pairs, which can be accessed with a single mouse-click in one GUI.
  • Active traders can choose, based on your latency and security preferences, from a range of connectivity options and messaging protocols. Connectivity options include connecting through public internet, via an extranet or directly over a low-latency private network in key data centers. Messaging options include FIX and OUCH.
  • Currenex’s real-time market data provides a view of liquidity available on Currenex as well as best bid/offers, size and depth of market on the platform.
  • Our choice of streaming or RFQ/RFS execution methods facilitates anonymous or disclosed trading in different products and order types. The deep pools of liquidity from the thousands of market participants who access our technology globally encourages competitive rates.